Julianne Adams

Should I Tip my Apartment Movers?

When you seek moving help through professional movers, you leave maximum of your work to them. They do all the packing and load your goods on the transportation. They need to work with care to keep your things safe as they are answerable to the company in case of any loss or damage. Even if you choose to pack your things on your own, still there is a lot of work that only the experts can do. Lifting the heavy objects like your packed boxes and furniture are a task that you will definitely leave for the technical experts. We all appreciate the fast and efficient services by the professional but do you ever think of paying a tip to the movers at your service?

Your movers spend a lot of time, energy and mind to make your move light. When they are around you do not have to worry about the valuables. They take responsibility to provide you smooth and trouble-free service. So if they are making extra efforts to give you peace of mind, you should reward them with some extra money. This will boost their work energy and the progress will be doubled.

Now, you might have a question how much tip you should pay to the apartment movers in Gaithersburg MD. Before deciding on the service tip make sure that the movers have given you satisfactory service and fulfill all their commitments. Calculating about the moving tip is not a rocket science. Just count the number of people that are at your service on a moving day, analyze the workload, the quality of work done and the cost you have paid to the moving company.

The moving also depends on the distance of your move. If you are moving in the short distance that obviously requires fewer efforts as compared to long distance move. Although you will need same packing services, carrying service, loading and unloading services. The cost will effect on the distance and the time required by the driver to take your luggage to the new place. The same team will unload and unpack your goods at your new place. Therefore, it will be beneficial if you pay them some tip to appreciate their efforts. The average tip for local moves is around $10-$20 if your apartment is small and the distance is up to 4 hours. Whereas for long distance moves of large apartments the average tip should b $30-$40.

If you are moving across the country, the tip should be different as the work stress, efforts, and planning need to be more precise. The long distance moving is basically tipped on the basis of the hours movers spend at your service. In most cases, a team of 20 members is suggested to be accurate to help in unloading your luggage at the new place. If the moving process lasts for three-four days, the moving tip is suggested to be $150-$200. However, if your goods are delivered safely despite the extreme weather conditions your movers deserve a little more appreciation.

Other factors that affect the tip of apartment movers are the goods you are transporting. If the helping team is carrying unusual and delicate objects carefully, they deserve the tip. The attitude of each member of the team and their mutual understanding can also add points to their tip. Being on time is the ultimate quality of any moving service but if they finish the job before the given time, they should be tipped extra. Along with these factors, there are few factors that you should consider before paying the tip. These include the rude behavior of the team members and their careless attitude that makes you think twice before paying the tip.

When it comes to tip the movers, neither pay it to the moving services directly nor include it in the moving cost. The finest way to appreciate the experts is to pay individually. This will give them the motivation to work more dedicatedly each time.